Albert Park House


AUD $2.2 million

Project type



AdeB Architects

Interior Design

Mim Design

Interior Decoration

Mim Design

Landscape Architect

Ben Scott

Completion Date



Jamie Diaz-Berrio
Sharyn Cairns

Albert Park curved pleated façade is a sensitive addition to an intact single storey polychrome Edwardian villa for a young family. The Heritage overlay ensured the retainment of the fine existing residence. Additions comprise a distinct two level extension and a separate complementary garage studio with a sun filled courtyard.

The significant narrowing of the small 349 m2 long site and the desire to create a family home of 390 m2 with a courtyard of a reasonable size was the design challenge. The site orientation, flanking lane and the desire to have a north facing primary façade to the living space and master suite was the genesis of our design concept. The diagonal alignment maximises the visual length and engagement with the sunny courtyard.

The main feature of this project is the elevated curved pleated perforated bronzed finished screens. The profile and perforation density as well as the metallic finish provides for a visually and texturally rich surface. The changing transparency, shadow and reflective qualities across these surfaces, animates the restrained façade. The new elements and materials compliment the brick, slate and bluestone of the existing building in terms of colour, texture and tone.